Our Approach

Our approach to sustainability is based on people, priorities and performance.

What we mean by that is we start with the idea that People drive our business, and we ensure that we build strong and lasting relationships with people inside and outside of our company.

We also take time choosing our priorities. Like any business, we have limits on resources so we have to make good decisions every day about what steps or actions we can take to improve. As a result, we focus on the priorities that really matter, such as further driving employee safety and improving our environmental results. We see this as a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re focused on long-term improvement in our priority areas.

We operate in a performance-driven business with a performance-driven culture. Consequently, we set high goals for ourselves, especially on the foundational elements of our business, such as preserving our ethical culture, keeping employees safe, protecting the environment and being a good neighbor.

By doing so, we define the performance we expect to see in foundational areas and hold ourselves and partners to account, ensuring we’re all moving in the same direction toward achieving our performance goals.

Kinetik Personified

“Here at Kinetik, we are forming an ESG culture of solutions. Setting the pace for the Midstream industry to follow. This will globally enhance our evolution of natural resources and future organic growth.”

Josh Lujan
Corrosion Supervisor

Kinetik Employee - Josh Lujan

Optical Gas Imagery Cameras

The company is installing optical gas imagery cameras at its plant sites that will stream live video footage to each plant’s fully manned control rooms. This will provide early detection and constant monitoring of any fugitive emissions so that they can be quickly remediated.

Kinetik employee using a optical gas imagery camera
Picture of storage tank emission control devices

Storage Tank Emission Control Devices

The company will increase the number of storage tank emission control devices and will test technologies to alert operators, in real-time, of any conditions that could result in emission events. This will allow Kinetik to act immediately and decisively.

Gas Detection Safety Monitors

All of Kinetik field employees will wear gas detection safety monitors that detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and other gases. This addition of monitors will enhance employees’ own safety while providing alerts that will enable employees to quickly address any fugitive emissions or hazardous conditions.

Kinetik employee wearing gas detection safety monitor while reading a meter
A aerial view of a wind farm

100% Renewable Electricity

Kinetik is the first midstream company in the Permian to use 100% renewable electricity to power all of its operations.

*In April, 2021, legacy EagleClaw Midstream operations switched to 100% renewable electricity.