Built to support the robust growth from the Permian for years to come.

Our system was designed and constructed to accommodate growth throughout. Constructing, maintaining and repairing large-diameter, high-MAOP steel pipelines and large-scale, field-located compression, our services are fully integrated to maximize our customers’ netback. 

Kinetik is dedicated to providing services targeted to our customers’ business objectives and markets. We are growth oriented and heavily invested in our operations and customer service throughout the Delaware Basin.

Our dedicated acreage benefits from high oil rates coupled with some of the highest gas-to-oil ratios in the Delaware basin. Our customers are producing highly economic wells and are key contributors to the unprecedented growth that is occurring in the Permian Basin.

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Area of Operation

We have four cryogenic processing plant sites in operation across our footprint and more than 1,700 miles of pipe in the ground in five counties. Our interconnected plant and compression sites provide redundancy, reliability and ease of future expansion.

Our core capabilities serve a variety of service offerings across multiple streams, including natural gas gathering, transportation, compression, treating and processing; NGL stabilization and transportation; produced water gathering and disposal; and crude oil gathering, stabilization, storage and transportation.

Kinetik Personified

“Every day provides an opportunity to improve our customer relations by helping them achieve their goals. That is what makes Kinetik a challenging and successful place to work.”

Austin Williams
Director of Operations

Kinetik Employee - Austin Williams
Close-up of pipes at Kinetik's Pecos Bend Plant


Kinetik operates a crude oil gathering and transportation system connecting Southern Delaware Basin crude oil with access to the Permian Basin long-haul takeaway pipelines, local refineries and downstream markets, providing our customers with the business-critical capacity and midstream solutions they require. The company’s crude oil assets consist of over 200 miles of pipeline with multiple market delivery options and 90,000 Bbls of crude storage.

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Natural Gas

Kinetik’s robust gas gathering and processing system includes over 1,000 mile of steel gathering lines, approximately 2 Bcf per day of processing capacity and access to numerous downstream gas and ngl markets.

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Aerial View of Kinetik's Pecos Plant
View of Kinetik's Newsome Facility with the Salt Water Disposal


Kinetik’s produced water gathering & disposal assets offer reliable flow assurance to support producer development in the Permian Basin. We own and operate a robust, interconnected produced water gathering system comprised of over 360 miles of permanent, buried poly pipelines. The current system provides ~760 Mbwpd of disposal capacity

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