Natural Gas

Built to support the robust growth from the Permian for years to come.

Kinetik operates over 2 Bcf per day of interconnected processing capacity in the Delaware Basin and has designed a system built to support the robust growth from the Permian for years to come. With approximately 1,000 miles of low and high-pressure steel pipeline, our gas gathering and processing systems provide the reliability and redundancy required to move wellhead gas through our processing facilities to various downstream markets.

Kinetik Personified

“We work hard to do things the right way every time.”

Ana Valles
Measurement Technician

Kinetik Employee - Ana Valles
Kinetik Natural Gas Map

East Toyah Facility

East Toyah: 460 MMcf /d of processing capacity

Two Kinetik employees working at the East Toyah faclity
Kinetik employee working in the control room at the Pecos facility

Pecos Facility

Pecos: 260 MMcf/d of processing capacity

Pecos Bend Facility

Pecos Bend: 540 MMcf/d of processing capacity

Kinetik employee working at the Pecos Bend facility
Pipes and compressors at the Kinetik's Sierra Grande facility

Sierra Grande Facility

Sierra Grande: 60 MMcf/d of processing capacity

Diamond Cryogenic Facility

Diamond Cryo: 720 MMcf/d of processing capacity

Aerial view of Kinetik's Diamond Cryo Facility