Our leadership is committed to our corporate values and operating with responsibility and integrity.

At Kinetik, we pride ourselves on upholding strong corporate governance values that reflect our commitment to ethics, responsibility, and integrity. We are resolute in our pursuit of excellence and are committed to maintaining the highest level of corporate governance practices. At the core of our corporate governance philosophy lies the recognition that a strong corporate governance structure, one that encompasses economic progress, social development, and environmental improvement, is paramount to fostering sustainability and creating sustainable long-term value for our business, our employees, our shareholders, and the broader society.

Underpinning our sustainability program is our Sustainability Policy, which identifies long-term objectives that we use to guide our business operations. This policy includes further details on governance and how we embed sustainability within our organization.

We strongly value ethics and responsibility and continually aim to conduct business with the highest standards of integrity.

Ethics Hotline

The Kinetik Ethics Hotline is a convenient and confidential way to seek assistance and report potential violations regarding ethics and compliance issues. It is hosted by a third party to maintain confidentiality and anonymity when requested. All employees, customers, vendors or other stakeholders can communicate concerns:

By Telephone: 1-844-659-5688 (toll-free)