New Energy Ventures

Kinetik’s New Energy Ventures is pioneering cutting-edge solutions to drive sustainability, decarbonization, and economic growth.

In 2023, Kinetik further strengthened its sustainability efforts by establishing the New Energy Ventures (NEV) role within the Company. Under the leadership of a Senior Vice President of Crude, Water, and New Energy Ventures, and through a collaborative effort that spans multiple internal disciplines, NEV is at the forefront of driving the Company’s sustainability agenda forward, aligning with its commitment to a cleaner and better future for all. Combining operational excellence with the strategic deployment of cutting-edge technologies and novel business models that compliment the Company’s existing operational footprint, NEV’s mission is clear: spearhead the development of groundbreaking energy solutions that not only decarbonize and mitigate environmental impacts but also drive economic development and create financial growth. NEV is working with external partners and potential customers to assess, refine, and implement projects such as carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), e-fuels, carbon neutral power generation, and other clean energy opportunities. With a forward-thinking mindset, NEV strategically prioritizes areas for investment and innovation, ensuring that each potential project aligns with Kinetik’s overarching vision for a sustainable energy landscape.