We are committed to advancing a safer, cleaner, and more reliable energy future.

Kinetik believes that integrating environmental, safety, governance and community considerations into our business decisions is essential to creating value for our stakeholders, including our equity investors, lenders, customers, employees, business partners, regulators and citizens in the communities where we live and work.

We are focused on the gathering, processing, transporting and storage of energy products to facilitate the transportation of energy in a safe and reliable manner. Operational safety and environmental protection are top priorities at Kinetik and we require a commitment from all employees and business partners to operate in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound manner.

Kinetik's ESG graphic showing People, Priorities, Purpose and Performance

Our ESG Program is Built on a Strong Foundation

PeopleBuilding strong relationships inside and outside of our company

PrioritiesKeeping ourselves focused on improving our environmental, safety results

PurposeTo play our role in helping to address and stem the impacts of climate change for generations to come

PerformanceConsistently achieving our own objectives as they relate to financial, environmental/safety and social goals we set and reporting on our performance aligned with applicable frameworks (GRI, SASB, TCFD, ONE Future)

Kinetik Personified

“We work hard to keep our run times high, our down times low, and product moving consistently while maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly workplace. Working at Kinetik and having high standards not only has a positive impact on our customers, but also reflects positively on the employees.”

Jake Fletcher
Field Supervisor

Kinetik Employee - Jake Fletcher


We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment and encourage the efficient use of natural resources. We continuously look for the best environmental solutions for our operations and are committed to reducing emissions, releases and waste throughout our operations.

We strive to conduct our business with attention to the environment and seek to fully comply and/or exceed compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, standards and permit conditions.

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Wherever we operate, we strive to conduct our business with attention to the environment and take our commitment to fulfill the requirements of all federal, state and local agencies very seriously.

Our commitment extends through all aspects of each project and is a focus in our day-to-day business operations. Construction, operations and maintenance practices are designed not only to serve the interests of our customers, communities and employees, but also to protect the environment.

We evaluate renewable energy as a source of power in our operations, specifically to power our offices and various activities at our plant locations. The vast majority of gas measurement and sampling is currently powered entirely from solar. We work with vendors to utilize various technologies to reduce our electricity consumption where the opportunity presents itself.



We strive to limit the amount of natural gas flared on our system and by our customers at the wellhead. To minimize gas flaring, we offer system interconnectivity, redundancy and market optionality which helps our customers to limit production curtailment and reach markets outside of the Permian Basin. We also continue to work with producers in our area to forecast locations where midstream infrastructure may reduce flaring and support increased natural gas capture.

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Kinetik employee examining meter at East Toyah plant


Operational safety is the foundation upon which we provide services to our customers, with our steadfast focus on the health and welfare of our employees, contractors and the public. We believe that prioritizing safety is good business, and, through the implementation of first-class systems, controls, policies and practices, we make every effort to create and maintain a culture that puts safety first.


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Our actions are guided by Kinetik’s Code of Conduct, an overarching policy that empowers us to commit to ethics, integrity, compliance and good governance. Our Code of Conduct establishes the high standard of ethical conduct that our employees are expected to follow and outlines how everyday behavior is expected to align with our core values.

We also seek to ensure that our business practices and operations comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Group shot of Kinetik employees volunteering at a Houston food bank


We believe our activities should not only benefit our employees and stakeholders, but the communities in which we operate. We are focused on open communication and building good relationships, not only with our customers, employees and business partners, but with landowners with whom we do business. We also seek and value a diverse and inclusive workplace and empower all stakeholders to take ownership of Kinetik’s success.


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