We are a company of people who have a deep connection to the environment.

We all take pride in ensuring that we’re operating responsibly and carefully. Evidence of our deep pride is demonstrated by the choices we make in technology, engineering and construction of our facilities and operations. For example, while others may choose to move energy through plastic-based pipelines, we prefer to use heavy-duty steel pipelines. Why? They last longer and perform reliably regardless of changes in the volume of commodities moving through our system.

We also take pride in our progress in setting and achieving goals. Among the most important goals we set involve emissions. As we communicated in our 2020 ESG report, our overall methane intensity is at 0.057%, well below the 2025 target set for the sectors we operate in according to our trade association, ONE Future.

ONE Future has set methane emission intensity goals for the Gathering & Boosting (0.08%) and Processing (0.11%) sectors, and Kinetik has reported in 2020 that its performance is well below those targets (0.04% for Gathering & Boosting and 0.018% for Processing, respectively).

Infographic for Kinetik stating "Aim to reduce methane emissions intensity by 30% by 2030"