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Kinetik and Tachyus Sign Agreement to Deploy Aurion to Monitor, Model and Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Kinetik, the largest midstream operator in the Delaware Basin, and Tachyus Corporation, a leader in digital transformation, today announced an agreement to implement Aurion, which will be used to estimate, model, forecast and report greenhouse gas emissions in Kinetik’s operations. 

“We look forward to integrating the Aurion platform within our day-to-day operations. We see enhanced carbon accounting and the ability to frequently model and report our GHG emissions as essential in achieving both our long-term net zero goals and the emission-related targets included in our Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework published earlier this week,” said Jamie Welch, President and CEO of Kinetik. 

“We are excited about today’s announcement and to partner with Kinetik. Aurion will help Kinetik report emissions to the EPA, and more importantly, allow them better forecast the impact of future operational decisions and be a critical solution used to achieve its net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goal,” said Matt Elbert, Tachyus’ Chief Revenue Officer. 


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