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EagleClaw Midstream CEO Selected For Two Awards from ALLY

CEO and President Jamie Welch Wins ALLY Executive Award And Team Award for Company’s Carbon Reduction Plan

HOUSTON, October 26, 2021 — EagleClaw Midstream today announced that Jamie Welch, President and CEO of EagleClaw Midstream was selected to win an ALLY Executive Award for his leadership during the global pandemic, and he won an ALLY Team Award for his role in establishing the company’s carbon reduction plan as part of its net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 plan.

“This recognition belongs to every employee at EagleClaw Midstream for pulling together as a family during the global pandemic. We kept our business going and had minimal impacts to employee health and well-being,” said Jamie Welch.

He added, “I am also thrilled that our carbon reduction team’s plan received a team award, which goes to show that great ideas occur when our talented people are working on solving a common problem.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Mr. Welch and his leadership team took salary reductions for months to ensure the company wasn’t required to force any layoffs. In addition, Mr. Welch elected to take no salary or bonus during 2020.

EagleClaw Midstream’s Carbon Reduction Task Force, launched by Mr. Welch, was charged with identifying solutions to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint toward its long-term goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Welch said the team includes experts across the company, thus bringing a true multi-disciplinary approach.

Under Mr. Welch’s leadership, EagleClaw Midstream expects to achieve single-digit reductions in its carbon emission level by 2025 compared to its 2020 base year. Lowering its carbon output will result from new technology and operational practices to be put in place.

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