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Midstream Navigates a New Normal

There are enough acronyms in the midstream world to fill a dictionary, but in recent months, one set of initials has generated more buzz than others. ESG (environmental, social and governance) focused documenting directives have emerged on the forefront of discussions throughout the energy sector—and beyond—as leaders acquiesce to a new level of investor expectations related to quantifiable results.

Such initiatives have become a critical component of the license to operate, research shows. BlackRock Inc. in mid-2020 surveyed its clients to better understand the motivations and obstacles behind sustainable investing. It received feedback from 425 investors across the world, representing $25 trillion in assets under management.

More than half, or 54%, of survey respondents, said they considered sustainable investing to be fundamental to investment processes and outcomes. Related to ESG, 88% of respondents named the environment as the top priority, citing global warming.

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Source: Hart Energy